Shiro Izakaya, Perth CBD

My love affair with Japanese cuisine continues as I finally made reservations to try Shiro. It was an email with a 50% discount off all food that made the decision for me and I’m glad I did!

Shiro opened quite a while ago and is conveniently located at Central Park – right smack in the CBD area of Perth. I’ve always wanted to try it but was waiting for a special occasion to justify the cost.


We were greeted at the door and shown to our table immediately. Modern decor and soft lighting made the narrow rectangular shape of the ground floor more pleasing to the eye. There is an upstairs and that’s where the toilets are located as well.

I ordered a pot of green tea as it was a weeknight but the best friend tried a sake cocktail – Geisha Blossom.  I had a try and it was strong for me! The best friend enjoyed it though.


Pot of Green Tea – $5 (was quite disappointed that it was just pure tea without any fresh leaves in the pot)

Now we were onto ordering food and the menu isn’t that extensive at Shiro though there were some interesting choices. They also offer a tasting menu and an omakase (degustation) menu. We decided to order a few things to share as we weren’t particularly hungry.


Sashimi Salad – $18 (Snapper, salmon, tuna and yellow tail sashimi, mixed green salad with yuzu honey vinaigrette and wasabi ponzu on the side)

I was impressed with the freshness of the salad, the yuzu and wasabi goes very well with the sashimi and greens. And also – there were generous amount of sashimi on the dish, more than greens actually!


Popcorn Shrimp – $15 (bite sized prawn tempura pieces, tossed in a creamy
spicy sauce served with mayo and teriyaki sauce, chives, and fish roe on top)

This was the best friend’s dish and she loved every bit of it – she does love prawns though and was pleased with the combination of sauces and the light, crispiness of each shrimp – a very textural and yummy dish.


Tempura Soft Shell Crab – $28 (Crispy fried soft shell crab watermelon, baby spinach, lotus chips with balsamic reduction and wasabi soy sauce)

This was hands-down our favourite dish of the night, we polished everything and wanted more if we could. The baby spinach were like soft flakes of seaweed, I couldn’t believe it was spinach. The little cubes of watermelon were refreshing and surprisingly fit in the dish.

By the 3rd dish, we were both starting to feel full and were glad that we had not placed our orders for ‘main’. However, this dish’s description on the menu caught both our eyes.


Grilled Snapper – $32 (Red wine teriyaki sauce, port wine reduction, green tea sea salt, bok choy, jalapeno salsa, grilled lemon and snapper with sauteed vegetables)

It was a very pretty dish and the snapper was cooked beautifully. I wasn’t quite sure where the green tea sea salt was but I’m guessing it was part of the seasoning. We both enjoyed it but prefer the soft shell crab.

We were absolutely satisfied with the meal and even more so with the discount. A good deal keeps me happy indeed! Also, all the dishes were served beautifully and looked too gorgeous to eat. Definitely impressive in terms of plating.

The only grouse I have was the (lack of) service. The waitstaff were all friendly and had smiles when serving us but I wouldn’t consider it to be attentive service. I had to ask twice for my bill, was asked a few times to order when I had already placed my order and overall they just seemed very confused and disorganised.

The (lack of) desserts was a slight disappointment as well as they didn’t have a printed menu and only had 3 choices (Green Tea ice-cream, Black Sesame ice-cream or Banana Maki). From the perfect descriptions for the food/drinks menu to a no-dessert menu, I was bewildered for a second and thought to myself that surely they would have a stunning dessert menu.

Nevertheless, after this visit, I am thinking of my next trip to Shiro to try other options on the menu because the quality of the food has won me over.
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