Pepper Lunch, Perth CBD

On a wet and cold busy Friday night, I can’t really go past a meal of piping hot beef pepper rice from Pepper Lunch.

I first heard about Pepper Lunch when I was still living in Singapore and was fascinated with the hot stone plate and the whole cooking on the table concept.

And when I was in Japan by myself, I found an outlet in Shibuya which I had to try. Pepper Lunch is different in Japan as it’s considered a fast food outlet. There are no waitstaff and you use the “vending ticket machine” system to place an order. Which worked awesomely well – saves heaps of time and very efficient indeed.

I made it just on time for their happy hour with 1 minute spare (achievement of the day) and ordered a beef pepper rice.


Beef pepper rice – $5.90 (Happy Hour Price)
+ Egg + Cheese ($1.50)

Piping hot plate with a melted cheese and a soft yolk over rice with corn – I’m just drooling now thinking of it. I drizzled it with the garlic sauce (I prefer this than compared to the ‘sweet sauce’) and mixed it all up whilst everything was cooked to my liking.

It didn’t take long for me to devour this tasty dish. Easy, no fuss dinner and craving satisfied. I was a happy, warm person on that cold winter night.
Pepper Lunch on Urbanspoon

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