Bulgogi BBQ, East Perth

Winter is definitely upon us now in Perth as the temperatures continue to fall. I’ve been so drawn to hot foods now that I’m beginning to wonder how much more exercise I’ll need to feel less guilty (it’s been a challenge to keep up with exercise for sure)

So it’s no surprise that one of my cravings during this time was to have some table bbq for dinner. It’s not my first time to Bulgogi and I had a yummy time when I was last there so a booking was made for 4 (reservations are definitely recommended especially for the weekend, don’t be surprised by the staff speaking korean on the phone when you call! Makes the whole experience even more authentic)

For 4 people, we had:


Meat love set (3 x different types of meat)
Pork belly
Bibim Naeng myeon (cold buckwheat noodles with gochujang – spicy! – sauce)
Fried chicken (not pictured)

Dishes were served relatively promptly given the crowd at the restaurant during the night, though the chicken wings took a while. Favourites of the night were the chicken wings – juicy, tender, piping hot and very crispy. It was too tempting to devour before a picture could be taken! Also the meat cooked to our own liking right in front of us, whenever we wanted, ensured that we had it hot and fresh. I especially loved having the pork belly bbq’d wrapped inside lettuce with the sauce, rice and kimchi. The sauce that comes with the meat deserves a mention – I have no idea what it is but it goes really well with the grilled meat.

We were so full by the end of the night and it worked out to be about $25pp, which I find to be of so much more value than a buffet version of korean bbq. Although if variety is what you are after, then buffet is the way to go!


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