Fuku Omakase & Teppanyaki, Mosman Park

What can I say, I’ve been a huge supporter/fan of Japanese food (and its language, culture, tea, the country itself and the list goes on…) for the longest time. And in my somewhat limited cooking skills that I have, most of the food that I cook is actually Japanese (and I would like to think that I do a pretty decent job in that!)

So when the opportunity came for me to dine at Fuku, it wasn’t a hard decision at all to say yes.

I’ve heard of Fuku before and know that they’re relatively new (opened in Oct’12), what had caught my attention was they serve ‘Omakase’ – where the menu is predetermined by the Chef according to seasonal availability – something that I haven’t seen around Perth much.

Located on 20 Glyde Street, Mosman Park, there was plenty of street parking available and it wasn’t hard to find at all.


I stepped into the dimly lit restaurant and noticed it was a relatively small space with seating (16 seats) around the 2 teppanyaki tables and an impressive wall of Sake Bottles. The menus were on the table and I was told that there were 3 different menus – Good ($100), Better ($135) and Best ($220), and I would be enjoying the ‘Better’ menu on the night.

I was offered to try Sake but as I was driving, I declined – they have a pretty extensive list though. I had one of their non-alcoholic drinks instead which was the right amount of fizzy and sweetness:


Passionfruit Pachinko – Homemade organic fizzy passionfruit drink

Now onto the food!


Kawa Ebi school prawns and sun dried crispy nori sheet

We started off with this rather crispy dish that I was a little hesitant to try as I can’t recall the last time I had prawns this way. Each bite was crispy and surprisingly flavourful thought it was slightly ‘pokey’ in each mouthful – I loved the nori sheet though and felt it complimented well with the tiny prawns, it was a good start to the night and an appetising dish.


Small morsels (otsumami) – tempura oyster with ginger salsa, smoked wagyu with sesame dressing, octopus with fish pieces and tempura soba noodles

The next dish had me smiling widely as it was plated with little things that I love. The oyster was juicy and the tempura batter made it even tastier. The thin slices of wagyu beef were a hint of what to expect in the ‘main dish’ and even the soba noodles that were tempura’ed were a delight to crunch on.


Sashimi – tuna, salmon, amebi & white fish

Sashimi is my all-time favourite and I always recall having sashimi so often when I stayed in Japan for a few months. The best sashimi has to be served fresh and I was glad we were served just that. No complaints from me as I cleaned my plate.


Twice cooked Quail served in a soba crepe

Whilst we were having sashimi, the smell of the quail being cooked on first the teppanyaki and then on the charcoal grill caught my attention. I was definitely looking forward to this dish. It was served wrapped in a soba (buckwheat) crepe which I was slightly dubious about as soba has a pretty strong flavour, but the quail pieces were absolutely delectable. I enjoyed every bite.


Scallop, prawn and crsipy prawn head served in uni (sea urchin) butter

We were treated to a teppanyaki show (I had a front-row seat right in front of the teppanyaki table – there were moments when I was secretly fearful of the heat) as our next dish was cooked in front of our eyes. This was another tasty dish and I would give anything for another serve of uni (sea urchin) butter – oh the savoury goodness! Might I also add that the scallops were fresh, huge and a joy to bite into.


Fish of the day – Red emperor served with lotus root, green beans and yuzu miso

We were nearing the end of our menu and I was feeling quite full by this stage. But the aroma of the fish whilst it was cooking had me finishing this plate clean as well. The yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) in the sauce helped to inject a freshness to the dish, helping to ease the richness of the fish – which was very fresh! 


Wagyu (full blood) sirloin steak Mayura Station grade 9+, fried rice with wagyu flavour, genmaicha (roasted green tea)

We were treated to more fun and action at the teppanyaki table – tricks involving eggs and a flaming onion tower had our eyes glued to the table as we looked on in awe of the nifty actions as the chef cooked us our last course before dessert. I remember the chef assembling the fried rice into a ‘heart’ shape as well! We were asked how we would like our wagyu steak to be cooked, and it was then cooked right in front of our eyes.

I was salivating as I looked on the marbled pieces of steak waiting to be cooked then eaten! Every bite was juicy with the right amount of marbled fat, I’m thinking about each perfect piece of meat at this moment – flavourful and very yummy indeed. The fried rice cooked with wagyu meat was one of the best I’ve had in a while, and let me just say I’ve had many plates of fried rice growing up.


Yuzu cheesecake (with wasabi creme), mountain peach on kinako powder and chocolate drink

Finally made it to the dessert course! By this time, I was up to a point where not much could fit in but looking at the pretty plate of dessert, it was irresistible.

The cheesecake was just the right size and the yuzu and wasabi creme on the side were put to good use, providing just the right amount of tartness and tangy-ness to cut the richness of the cake. I’ve never had mountain peach before and wasn’t quite sure what to expect, it was pretty ‘fresh’, nothing like a peach and had a pit right in the middle. I ended the dish with the chocolate drink which was a rather comforting way to finish off the night!

All in all, the meal took 3 hours but I was very satisfied – there were no doubts that high-quality produce were used in all courses and staff were attentive, additionally, the teppanyaki show added some fun and entertainment to the night and made it different from what other restaurants would offer.

Note: I dined as a complimentary guest at Fuku and am thankful for a great dining experience.
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