Ben and Jerry’s, Surfers Paradise QLD

Seeing a Ben & Jerry’s store (i.e. not just the pints in freezers) had me silently screaming like a little kid. Another one of my weaknesses would be a sugar rush from many many many many spoonfuls of cold-sweet-sugar-filled-creamy-softness yummy-ness. Otherwise known as ice-cream.


I was so spoiled for choice and stood in front of the counter for the longest time and could not make up my mind. I wanted to get more than 5 flavours but my tummy wouldn’t be able to hold – much to my absolute disappointment.

In the end, I went for a 2-scoop cup (this was already more than my usual, I usually share 2-scoops with another person) of ‘Maple-Tree Hugger’ and ‘Wafer Wonderland':


Maple Tree Hugger – Maple Ice Cream with a Maple Caramel Swirl & Brown Sugar Brownie Chunks
Wafer Wonderland – Sweet cream ice cream with chocolate covered wafers & a nougat swirl (scoop shop exclusive!)

Oh the sweet yummy goodness and the soft creamy spoonfuls had me smiling for the longest time. Looking at the picture now is making me crave for some ice cream in this cold winter.

I made sure to finish every single little drop and don’t regret all the sugar-highs at that time of the night.

Ben & Jerry's on Urbanspoon

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