Lake Charlotte Restaurant and Winery

For my Dad’s birthday, I decided to take us for dinner at this restaurant located quite a distance east of Perth. The drive from the city took us slightly over an hour.

When we finally arrived (I have to say we nearly missed it due to the over-dependence on our mobile phone GPS that eventually died from lack of reception), we walked in to the restaurant area that was… smoky. But we definitely weren’t going to sit outside in the cold. We didn’t let the smoke get to us and began to place our order.

To start, we shared:


The Quattro – fresh mini loaf (we had cheese on top of ours) with butter and 4 ‘dips’ (EVOO, Dukkah, Hommus and Marinated Olives)

The mains are served on a Hot Rock – I was told they go up to 400 degrees celsiusĀ and can retain heat for 30-45 minutes, well enough to cook your meal to the time you want.


Filet on hot rocks (with Diane sauce, potato and salad)
Glass of house Merlot

I enjoyed my meal (especially with good company!) which was complimented nicely with the glass of Merlot that was recommended by the waitstaff. She actually gave me a tasting glass as I wasn’t sure if I’d like the Merlot. Turns out her recommendation suited me so I ordered a glass.

The meal worked out to be pretty reasonable with the 25% off entertainment book voucher. And service from one of the 2 waitstaff was superb – she was absolutely attentive, always had a smile and had very kind words. I was impressed!

I would like to return again perhaps in summertime when the sun doesn’t set as early as it does now and enjoy the views of the lake and its surroundings.

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