Restaurant Amuse, East Perth

Finally a good enough reason popped up for me to visit this much talked-about in Perth! We headed there for a night of food and were well-pleased with both the attentiveness of the staff and the amazing food that was plated up that night.

Driving to the restaurant felt like an adventure as it’s hidden in amongst residential houses, especially in the night.

Stepping in had us shushed up as the ambience indoors with all the greys, statement walls and white chairs appeared comforting and had a certain awe.

We had our coats taken and were seated in a nice quiet corner. The staff also remembered that it was W’s birthday, which was a nice start.

Seeds, grains and blood limes
Carrot, walnut and hyssop
Pumpkin, curry leaf and beurre noisette



Sour dough, butter and olive oil
Chestnut, apple and riberries
Marron, fennel and avocado



Eggs, mushrooms and pine nuts
Sweet potato, scallop and dashi
Pork, prawn and popcorn
Venison, rustleberries and wattle
Guava and lemon myrtle
Grapes, cocnut and ginger
Chocolate, almond and creme fraiche
Tisane and treats

Savoury and sweets

In all, the meal took roughly 3 hours and we were absolutely stuffed by the end. Both of us had our favourites of the night (mine was the carbonated grapes with ginger and geraldton wax icecream and W’s was the housemade butter!) and we both started our trip home happy and satisfied.

The degustation costs $130pp but with the entertainment card it worked out to be $110pp.

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