Toastface Grillah, Perth CBD

This not-so-secret cafe has been becoming the talk of the town recently. Located at Grand Lane (near Barrack Street), it took a while and a bit of wandering before we located the place!

Menu is made up of different fillings of toasties and inexpensive coffee/tea.

We had:


Danny Zuccho – $8


Apple & Gouda – $8

There was a line forming already during lunch-time and the wet, rainy weather meant hungry, grumbling tummies anxious for some warm food.

We ordered and was told it was a 20-minute wait. So we wandered off into the city before returning in 15 minutes and found one of the guys walking out in search of us.

The toasties were warm in our hands and we couldn’t wait to dig in. They were gone in a few short minutes. We both decided that we loved the Apple & Gouda more as the sweetness of the apple slices and its crispness made the texture of the toastie much more interesting.
Toastface Grillah on Urbanspoon

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