The Bonsai Restaurant and Cafe, Northbridge

I’ve been to Bonsai a few times and have always walked out with a satisfied tummy and this time was no exception too.

The menu works best for sharing and we had:


Aburi Salmon Nigiri Sushi (Topside lightly flamed sashimi on sushi rice garnished with den-gaku miso with sprinkles of sesame & chives)


Unagi Sushi (Japanese BBQ eel and cucumber dressed with aioli & caramel soy)


Teri-Chicken (Pan fried chicken Maryland thigh fillet paired with a side of steamed broccoli and carrot, dressed with lemon shallot vinaigrette and teriyaki sauce, garnished with chives)


Tastes of the sea (whiting, prawn, baby squid) in our light tempura batter and seasoned with nori flakes. Served with tentsuyu (tempura sauce) on the side.


Salmon Sashimi Bites (Sashimi-grade salmon tartare placed on witlof leaves dressed with aioli. Best eaten by the mouthful)

Apologies for the dark photographs, we were seated in the “inner” area and it was pretty dark in there (I’m all for ambience but making it slightly difficult to read the menu sort of defeats the purpose).

I have very little complaints about the food, every dish was matched perfectly with the various dressings/sauces and there were lots of happy nodding at the table. We all had a cup of Genmai-Cha ($1.50 per cup and refillable) each. Service was pretty attentive as well for the night.

I do however note it is on the pricey side and I would return only for a special occasion.

The Bonsai Restaurant & Cafe Lounge on Urbanspoon

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