Laduree, Sydney CBD

The famous french macarons that looks all so tasty was a must-try just from all the hype around it.

First impressions: very pretty, lots of pastel, ladylike and dainty. However,  I’ve got the same sentiments as previous customers that the location (right in the middle of a part of the mall) made it slightly weird to be having fine tea at that place.

Now, I ordered the salted caramel macaron ($4) and a pot of Marie Antoinette tea ($7.50). The tea was served in a silver pot with the Laduree ‘L’ napkin and the macaron on a pretty plate. I felt the macaron looked kind of sad and lonely.


Taste-wise, macaron was extremely fragile – soft and crumbly. It was probably the most fragile casing of a macaron I’ve had.

Service was prompt and attentive,  which was up to expectations of a place like Laduree. It probably helped that I wasn’t there at a busy time too.

I wouldn’t say it was the best macaron I’ve had and for the price, I did expect a little more.

Ladurée on Urbanspoon

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