Gordon Street Garage, West Perth

I have heard many things of this refurbished garage turned into chic, rustic, eating place tucked away in a not-so-famous street in West Perth. So, it was decided to pay them a visit an evening before dinner (yes – dessert before dinner!).

Although tucked away in the street, it wasn’t too hard to locate the place – parking wasn’t so much of an issue as well (I attribute it to being a week-night). As we walked it, it was bright, airy and surprisingly large.

Since we’ve heard to much about their desserts and we already made plans for dinner, we decided to share a dessert with coffee.

We ordered the ‘Hazelnut, lemon, white chocolate gateau’ – ($16) to share and I had a skinny latte to go with it.



The gateau was rich and had a strong hazelnut flavour. Plus, the lemon made it easier to have a few more mouthfuls. Between the 2 of us, we were glad we were sharing but felt that it was too much for a pre-dinner dessert. The coffee though, was in the league of one of the best coffees I’ve had. It had very little residue and had a very addictive after-taste.

Would I return? Perhaps if I had a few more friends to share a few things with and probably because it is one of the few cafes opened at night in West Perth with a range of desserts. However, the items were definitely on the pricier side and would make me think twice.

Gordon St Garage on Urbanspoon

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