Gelato Messina, Sydney The Star

I was told of this place that makes awesomely delicious gelato in Sydney. They have a few locations and I ended up at the one at The Star in Pyrmont (relatively close to the City).



Located near the Cafe Court, it wasn’t hard to find at all and the shelves of amazing cold goodness made it so hard to pick just a scoop.


I ended up with a 2-scoop cup ($6) ; a generous serving and it was a challenge to finish the whole lot by myself.

Flavours picked were – Green Tea and Pear & Rhubarb.

The Green Tea was seriously one of the best gelato version I’ve ever had – awfully creamy and packed with a good level of green tea goodness.

Pear & Rhubarb was, on the other had, another experience. It was still very creamy, but the first taste was kind of a shock (it reminded me strangely of a medicine taste if I were to be honest). Admittedly it was a random choice of flavour but it wasn’t what I expected. However, I have to say the taste grows on you and after a few more spoonfuls, I managed to finish it.

So, last thoughts would be, if given the chance, I’ll definitely have more of those Green Tea and maybe try more popular flavours. I’ll probably steer clear of the Pear and Rhubarb though.

Gelato Messina Pyrmont on Urbanspoon

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